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What Is NewsIndexer?

Newsindexer is an indexing system that caters to the news industry. NewsIndexer is the ultimate news indexing tool, a jumpstart to the human indexer's brain. The underlying technology is Access Innovationsí MAIstro software.

NewsIndexer scans an article, then suggests indexing terms to be approved by the human indexer. This union between the machine's ability to store and retrieve knowledge, and the human's capacity for judgment and reason results in articles being indexed quickly and accurately.

What kinds of indexing terms are used?

Taxonomy experts at NewsIndexer have created a specialized group of terms (see the Sample of Thesaurus Hierarchy) with the news industry's indexing needs in mind: a controlled vocabulary that reflects the media's constantly evolving vernacular.

The vocabulary is divided into sections that correspond to the sections of a typical newspaper:

  • News – Local, National and World News, Politics, the Opinion Page, and Weather
  • Business – Industry news, Finance, Careers
  • Sports – Professional, Semi-Professional, College, High School, Youth, and Local teams
  • Culture – Arts and Entertainment, Food, Society, Fashion, Weddings and Anniversaries
  • Science/Health – Medical Breakthroughs, Alternative Health, Astronomy News
  • Technology – Computers, Internet, and Digital Communications

Smarter Indexing

One of NewsIndexer's primary features is a simple and remarkable programming system called rulebuilding, which teaches the system to bring up terms by context. NewsIndexer will scan an article about the Chicago Bears and, drawing on its knowledge base, locate terms related to the football team, but will not suggest zoological terms pertaining to wild bears.

NewsIndexer's ability to distinguish between such similar terms is a tremendous time saver, both for the human indexer, and for the person who is searching for articles through a newspaper's website. Hence, the reader focuses on reading the articles instead of searching for them.

Measurable Results

Every news day, you can tag the articles as they are produced through a cloud service or installed on your own local servers. We automatically feed this data through NewsIndexer, which scans every article and searches for terms similar to those in its controlled vocabulary. NewsIndexer then displays these terms for the human indexer's review and approval. For backfile collections you can just accept the indexing as an automatic batch process. For ongoing daily feeds you might want to review all or a random sample of the results on a regular basis for maintenance. The choice is yours.

The process does not end there. NewsIndexer keeps statistics on what suggested terms are and are not selected by the human indexer. Having these statistics makes it easy to systematicallyimprove the indexing rules. Statistics also make it easier to tailor NewsIndexer to the specific data of every client.

Vocabulary Customization

Our taxonomy experts can construct a vocabulary that is sensitive to regional nuances. Because readers want local news, as well as national and world events, NewsIndexer can be enhanced to recognize suburban areas, high school athletes, county politicians, church events, weather, and much more information particular to an area.

Putting NewsIndexer to Work for You

NewsIndexer was created with the idea in mind that no two publications are the same. We know that news varies from place to place, and from hour to hour. Smarter indexing, measurable results, daily monitoring, and vocabulary customization are crucial for addressing every publication's specific needs.

We understand the importance of staying competitive in the battle for readership, and we know we can provide assistance. News organizations across the country are already recognizing the benefits of the NewsIndexer. So, contact us today and find out more about how we can help.